We are family run


Making Memories


Bringing you the latest trend in interactive, personalized party favors at events and parties... The FlipBookMann, the mobile flipbook studio! We provide not only a custom keepsake, but act as party entertainment as well


Custom Covers for the event


The FlipBook Mann serves as the entertainment as well as the custom party favor. Its immediate that won't be eaten or thrown away. 


What to Expect


Green screen and White sreen, have a blast making and watching others make their flipbook videos. Your guests can dance, wave, blow kisses or even act out something funny. If the guests like the video clip (if not they can redo the clip), we print it out, put it through our cutter and bind it with a staple right in front of them. Each book takes about one-and-a-half minutes to make.


We bring signs that say things like, "Congratulations," "I Love You," "Double Trouble," "This party Rocks,"

Colored hats

Colored hats and glasses and many other props.


Colored Boas and glasses and beads.